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Workato - the best integration solution.

Connect any App to any Other. No code required!

  • Build faster and better integrations.
  • Empower more teams in your organization to easily and quickly create integrations with a visually intuitive experience.
  • Securely connect to cloud, on-prem databases and ERP, legacy applications, and more.
  • Effortlessly sync data at any speed – real-time, scheduled, or batch, and any volume from a single transaction to billions of rows.
  • Built on cloud platform that auto-scales eliminating the complexities of infrastructure provisioning, capacity planning.

Workato services multiple use cases

API Management
Conversational Bots
Workflow Automation
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Malam Team, the leading IT services group in Israel, provides a full range of end-to-end computing solutions in the field of information technology, while meeting international quality, service, support and professional standards. The group combines technological innovation alongside decades of proven experience in establishment, implementation, and integration of information systems and is facilitated by 3,500+ experts in a variety of information technologies servicing the company’s sites and customers throughout the country.


The Next Generation of Automation

Our future has become an automated present. All large organizations had given up long ago all their automation secrets. They are now showing off their abilities to preserve and optimize the best minds in the organization using the Workato system on a daily basis. This is how it is going to affect your organization >>

The story of Workato

Workato is a unique system, which provides a wide-ranging solution - not only for all occurring actions within an organization on a daily basis but also at the user experience level. All, are based on the company vision, with its main purpose of simplifying and optimizing those complex processes within the organization.
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